You leave us curing and smiling

The hospital of SWISS MED CLINIC is situated in the immediate vicinity of Mariánské Lázně, Plané. She earned her high credit through the quality of medical care, security and security during the interventions and discreet approach to clients. It builds on more than a hundred years of hospitality tradition and you and your escort are ready to provide you with pleasant backgrounds and individual services of high standard throughout your stay. Most of the benefits are fully covered by the health insurance company, so you pay for it as in another hospital and you can quickly order the appointment instead of the waiting list. More about our clinic can be found in the individual sections.

Hospitals where patients have a meal from a restaurant and do not bother them with a wake-up call

When other nurses break the door and the patients pull out of the bed for the first examination, she is still asleep here. The bulk alarm is forbidden in West Bohemia SWISS MED CLINIC. The clinic, which deals with simple operations, won last year’s title “The Most Amusing Hospital” in the country. The patients voted for it in the framework of the annual assessment by the Healthcare Institute. This year, the facility was second in the Most satisfied hospitalized patient category … Patients with the reputation of a small hospital are rapidly spreading, and more and more people come from other regions for simple interventions. Years ago, doctors do around a thousand operations …


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