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The Office of Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine is a non-state medical facility - a specialized workplace of medical rehabilitation and physical therapy of an outpatient type The work of the medical facility is a medical treatment in the field of physiotherapy, physical medicine, preventive programs, professional counseling and consultations in the field of physiotherapy We provide our clients with high professional and professional services, an individual approach to the patient with regard to their health and care that meets the highest demands on quality.

Specialization of the medical facility

removal of painful conditions accelerating the process of treatment of the locomotive system muscle strength correction and muscle contraction training of physiological movement patterns muscle disbalances and their compensation correction of defective posture in normal activities prevention of overload of the locomotive system
Buková 422 Velká Dobrá 273 61 +420 602 378 807 http://www.physicaltherapy.cz

Published: 20. 11. 2017

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Author: Nikola