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From classical medicine through traditional Chinese to healing - in our studio you will find a wide range of counseling services that can become your guide to health, beauty and satisfaction. We emphasize the expertise and expertise of all consultants, the high quality of customer approach and the overall human approach to all the issues in which individual consultants work.

Bioregulatory and mitochondrial medicine

Mitochondrial medicine is a new method that is able to correct the condition of the body accompanied by a lack of energy. Mitochondria are part of the cells in our body, consuming up to 90% of oxygen, which breathe and hold most of the vital role to preserve cellular functions. Among other things, degeneration of mitochondria is a significant cause of aging. As the name suggests, mitochondrial medicine deals with the "health care of mitochondria" - thus ensuring the proper functioning of our organism at the cellular level. They are among the major tools to prevent premature aging. Bioregulatory medicine deals with the state of the so-called autonomic nervous system that takes care of the functioning of the internal organs. Its goal is to maintain our internal environment in such a way that our organism is efficient enough, able to successfully resolve health problems and to regulate chronic problems to a sufficient extent. An important role plays bioregulatory medicine in preventing the development of the disease.
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Published: 20. 11. 2017

Category: Private clinics | Central Bohemian | Detox

Author: Nikola