MUDr. Aleš Fibír

What we doing?

Plastic surgery
This includes removing large skin and soft tissue tumors, removing malignant skin tumors (basal, spinal, malignant melanoma), lobes and skin transplants, lipografting, microsurgery, congenital malformations, other treatments (scarring, burns, etc.) .

Aesthetic surgery
These include upper and lower eyelid sculptures (blepharoplasty), earlobe modeling, breast reduction. Breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty and other procedures (face-lift, brow lift, labioplasty, dermabrasion, incipient nipple correction, botulinum toxin application, piercing, etc.).

Hand surgery
These include carpal tunnel syndrome (open and endoscopic), Dupuytren’s contracture operations, including clostridial collagenase, cubital canal surgery, tendon-like tendonitis (jumping finger, morbus deQuervaine), reconstruction of the tendons, bones and joints, removal of the ganglia and other hand tumors, congenital hand defect surgery and other operations.

Reconstructive surgery
Includes, in particular, coverage of soft tissue defects, decubitus, breast reconstruction after removal for malignant tumors or congenital malformations, preventive removal of the breast with immediate reconstruction, and other interventions (eg subsequent reconstruction procedures for burns, etc.).

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