LaserMed, s.r.o.

About the centre

LaserMed, Centre of Preventive and Cosmetic Dermatology, is a private medical facility, located in Prague 4 Podolí. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art lasers and a top-quality digital dermatoscope. A team of experienced professionals with years of experience in the field is at your disposal. Our team is introduced on the Physicians page.

The main procedures offered include e.g. the removal of moles and skin growths, scar correction, treatment of vascular lesions, laser hair removal (epilation), skin rejuvenation and photorejuvenation (rejuvenating the complexion), removal of facial wrinkles (application of botulinum toxin and fillers) and many others. We specialize in the prevention of skin tumours, including melanoma, with the use of a digital dermatoscope, an apparatus that can detect potential problems already at early stages. Here you can learn more about the procedures.

LaserMed is located in a quiet part of Prague Podolí, in the vicinity of tram and bus stops. Customers can park right in front of the entrance. For the exact location of LaserMed, see the Contacts page.

While waiting for procedures, our patients can benefit from the access to free internet connection. All the necessary information is available upon request at the receptionist’s desk.


Preventivní a estetická dermatologie
Nedvńõdovo n√°m. 3
147 00 Praha 4 Podolí

+420 734 480 916