Klinika GHC Praha

About us

GHC Clinic Prague is a private health care facility that has been providing its clients with a wide range of top level services for over 20 years already. We are your partner in the quest for health and beauty.

Our services

Comprehensive Diagnostic, as well as Therapeutic and Preventive Care
We provide a high standard of medical care while applying the latest scientific knowledge. State-of-the-art technical equipment and comfort for all clients are the norm. Comprehensive screening is a unique and the most popular type of diagnostic testing.

Plastic Surgery, Liposuction
GHC engages leading Czech plastic surgeons with vast foreign experience, prof. MUDr. Markéta Dušková, CSc., doc. MUDr. Miroslav Tvrdek, CSc. and MUDr. Jiří Bayer. Gain self-confidence from the hands of experts.

Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology
Do you wish to retain youthful looks as long as possible or do you already feel the first signs of aging? Our team of specialists in the field of dermatology and aesthetic medicine shall relieve you of all imperfections discretely. We are particular about an individual approach to our clients.

The dentistry department of our clinic uses modern procedures and methods to treat our clients with the help of top equipment and experienced dentists. Our services also include stomatosurgery (Straumann dental implants), tooth whitening, dental hygiene and orthodontics.


Krakovská 8/581
Praha 1
110 00

+420 222 211 208