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We recognize your demands and requirements for appearance and health, as well as the time-consumingness associated with visits to similar facilities in the city center. Our team of professionals, in conjunction with world-class technology, will provide you with comprehensive services including body care as a whole, including consultancy in the field of dietetics, plastic surgery and psychology, and in particular professional care in the field of corrective dermatology. The comfortable and pleasant environment of André Clinic completely meets the demanding requirements of our time. We appreciate the client and we will be honored by your visit.

Application by microchannels

The current trend in the treatment of dehydrated skin and especially the treatment of fine neck and neck skin is the application of stabilized hyaluronic acid. This can be applied by a classical method using so-called mesotherapy, ie multiple injections into the skin's skin layer, or, more recently, microcannyl. Only minimal puncture is required for this application and the injection site is anesthetized with anesthetics. Using canal we also support the development of collagen, skin fibrosis and overall rejuvenation, strengthening and disabling of the skin. In particular, the treatment of the neck and décolleté is called by the method of application of the preparation to "V". The preparation is applied to the middle layer of the dermis and, due to its stability, lasts for up to 1 year. As part of the Hydrobalance concept of Q Med, we mostly care about Restylane Skinboosters. The stabilized hyaluronic acid microparticles retain the necessary water in the middle layer of the skin, rejuvenating the skin from the inside, improving the structure, strength, elasticity, and the overall complexion of the skin. The required number of treatments per site is two to three in one year.
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Published: 20. 11. 2016

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Author: Nikola