Spa resort Tree of Life

About us

The Tree of Life is a place where our guests will find a way to relaxation and health within a wide offer of knowledge, experience, understanding and care. We want their satisfaction to become enthusiasm and their wishes to come true.

I have travelled extensively with my husband. In some cases it was on holiday. Usually we were on business strips and stays where we prepared projects for new hospitals and health care facilities. We helped to improve medical care availability in Kazakhstan, Libya, Kurdistan, Jordan, Vietnam, Russia and Gabon. It was adventurous but also tiring.

One of the countries where we operated was Saudi Arabia. And on the way from Saudi Arabia we stopped in Bahrain. This small kingdom on an island prepared many surprises for us and a great number of lucky coincidences happened there.

We saw remnants of ancient cultures, wooden ships of previous generations but also ultra modern constructions which we were fascinated by. But it was not the most important thing. A really deep impression we got from one solitary tree. A tree of life! This is as it was called by the locals.

It appeared in front of us on our way to see a sunset. The only solitary tree, the only proof of life in the middle of the worst conditions you can imagine. It grows alone in an arid dessert. One tree and only hot sand around it. How deep the roots must be to be able to find water in the middle of a dessert. What strong will to live it must have to be able to grow there for dozens and hundreds of years.

We saw huge symbolism in it – strength, resistance, persistence, ability to live and survive.

We understood that it was a miracle which the nature showed to us. A miracle which can inspire us for our new project. That is why we called it the Tree of Life!

There was a long and complicated way before the Tree of Life was established. We are very glad that we have managed to do it in the end and that we can invite you to come to us so that you could also have an extraordinary experience inspired by the nature.


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