Jeseník Spa

Come to Jeseník to breathe the air!

The Jeseníky Mountains are famed for their clean air, and many visitors come to the Jeseník Spa precisely to treat breathing problems. Head to the hills of North Moravia, to the spa town of Jeseník, which is inscribed in history as the place where modern balneology originated. Combining the wild natural attributes of steep hills, rocks, peat bogs, waterfalls and distant views, it is an ideal place for a unique holiday.

The greatest wealth of the Jeseník Spa is the local climate and the mountain spring water. The air you breathe here is not contaminated by any industry, and it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the town or come here with your four-legged friends. The spa is therefore very successful in treating respiratory diseases as well as psychological disorders and diseases of the circulatory system. When you put your care in the hands of the local specialists, you can think about the fact that historical personalities such as the famous Russian writer N.V. Gogol and the Romanian King Carol I underwent similar treatments here.

A place where medical history was made

The Jeseník Spa owes its very existence and subsequent fame to Vincenz Priessnitz, its founder. Here in the 19th century he established the world’s first hydrotherapy institute and laid the foundation for a new field of medicine – hydrotherapy. His findings formed the basis of today’s modern treatments, which absolutely anyone can enjoy. Here you can choose from a relaxing therapeutic stay, an active holiday at the spa, special stays for women and seniors, treatments focusing on a healthy lifestyle, a beautiful body or radiant skin, but also New Year stays. Don’t forget to take a stroll in the unique local balneopark. You will enter the pleasant world of a water garden where at individual stations you can indulge in a foot bath with acupressure, for example, or a spa treatment for your hands and feet, and you will also find terraces for relaxation or exercise.

Just breathe deeply and take in the views

During your walks in Jeseník, wonderful views of the Hrubý Jeseník ridge with all its landmarks will open up before your eyes. During spa treatments, you can set off to discover the beauty all around you in the knowledge that just by moving around in the local air you are giving your body the very best. The most distinctive building of the spa town is the magnificent Priessnitz Sanatorium, which interestingly combines modern architecture of the early 20th century with styling inspired by Baroque chateaux.


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