ALEXANDRIA **** Spa & Wellness hotel

About us

Hotel Alexandria, which welcomed its first guests in 1939, is the work of architects R. Hraběte and A. Lozovský. At the time, the printing press considered the construction of the Alexandria Hotel “the latest architectural achievement that Luhačovice has built on a world-class spa and a center of modern society.”
Hotel Alexandria has visited many distinguished guests, diplomats, academics and ministers. Among the artists, this hotel was very popular with Vlasta Burian and the writer Milan Kundera. The Alexandria Hotel has been waiting for the necessary reconstruction for years, and the joint-stock company Luhacovice Spa has taken it generously. The architects of the reconstruction of the main building and new hotel parts are Marcel Turic, Libor Krištůfek and Vasil Sobota.
ALEXANDRIA **** The spa & wellness hotel with its newly acquired beauty has returned to its shine and enchants its overall concept. It consists of two interconnected objects. Two parts – two worlds. The main building of the hotel does not give birth to the First Republic and is proud of it. Guests will find both the original French restaurant and the nightclub, which are inherently in the history of this famous hotel. The new modern part, which grew up behind the main hotel building, definitely does not remain in the shadow of its older sister, is the representative of the current generation of state-of-the-art wellness facilities in Europe.
Both hotel rooms offer comfortable accommodation in 56 rooms with a total capacity of 106 beds.


Masarykova 567,
763 26 Luhačovice

+420 577 120 700