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About us

The private clinic CARE MEDICO in Prague, Karlin offers modern technology, maximum comfort of treatment and a pleasant environment within its three workplaces providing gynecology, dentistry and dental laboratory services.

Gynecology GYN MEDICO provides comprehensive gynecological and obstetric care in a discreet environment with top-notch equipment. Gynecology services include recipe postings, e-mail or SMS delivery and many other premium services. Stomatology DENT MEDICO offers its services to both adults and children and promises painless treatment at the top level.

The modern dental laboratory MEDICO LAB enables the production of dental prostheses and implants and other dental aids and prosthetic products. Of course, at all clinics there is a comfortable treatment with an emphasis on individual approach to clients. That is why CARE MEDICO also uses many famous Czech personalities. The CARE MEDICO Clinic has contracts with all health insurance companies and guarantees deadlines without waiting.

Operates 13 surgeries in a two-shift operation, welcoming new patients. The opening hours of CARE MEDICO are especially suitable for those who are very busy - open on weekdays from 7am to 9pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm. Directly in the Zircon Office Center you will find parking spaces for clients of the clinic, which is also easily accessible by public transport.

Sokolovská 84-86 Praha 8 – Karlín +420 734 235 686- gynekology +420 777 230 881- dentist

Published: 19. 11. 2017

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Author: Nikola