Velké Losiny Spa

 Discover heavenly thermal springs at Velké Losiny!

Imagine the wonderful feeling as you lie back in a bath containing water from a natural thermal spring. Hot water swirls around you and energy recharges your batteries from all around. This is a description of the experience at Velké Losiny, the oldest spa in Moravia with a tradition going back 450 years. So come to the foothills of the Hrubý Jeseník and relish the unique feeling as you unwind during wellness and curative procedures. Your body will reward you with a feeling of replenished health, new vitality and a re-discovered taste for adventure.

36oC. That’s the temperature of the local thermal springs here. Thanks to this naturally heated water guests can treat neurological conditions and issues with the muscular-skeletal and respiratory systems. The thermal water is also used in health-restoring baths and for filling indoor and outdoor pools.

Harmony for body and soul

This thermal spa is made up of four buildings. The first is the main hotel Eliška where you’ll find everything you need under one roof, as well as a beautiful summer terrace and a new spa area on a par with anything in Europe. Comfortable accommodation in the pleasant setting of the spa park can be found at the Villa Gazárka. The Šárka Pavilion focuses on treating children with neurological diseases, while the Chaloupka pavilion is for children with unspecified lung complaints. If you are in sound health, but just feel a little jaded, head for the Diana hotel and its wellness programmes. You can try out a relaxation programme that uses peat baths, cupping and aroma massage, or how about a beauty weekend for women, involving skin cleansing procedures, hair removal, facial massage and nutrient-rich masks. After a few days of this sort of care your mind and body will feel as though they’ve been exchanged for new versions.

A spa full of history

Velké Losiny is not just a spa, however. On strolls between procedures don’t forget to explore the history of this magical little town. The pride of Velké Losiny is without doubt its exquisite Renaissance chateau, infamous for its witch trials. Nor should you miss the paper factory here, the oldest in central Europe. To this day you can still see how top-quality paper, some of which even makes its way into the president’s office, is made. You can also pepper your visit with a sprinkling of culture. In June there are the solstice celebrations to enjoy, and in July and August the Losiny summer of culture takes place with theatre and music at the elegant chateau.

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