Sv. Kateřina Resort

Rest and relaxation in the Sv. Kateřina Resort

Are you going round in circles? Are you passing through an endless series of meetings, arranging things, making phone calls and handling e-mails? Have you no time for yourself? Then you need to switch off for a while and recharge your batteries. The Sv. Kateřina hotel complex, which specialises in healthy lifestyle options, slimming, sports and accommodation in the countryside combined with rest and relaxation is just the thing for the ailments of these modern times. Peace and quiet await you, good food from high quality ingredients and a wellness facility with fitness centre. And the beautiful countryside of Vysočina to go with that. Take your pick from the endless number of packages: practice yoga, Pilates, have a game of golf or go horse riding. Experts will also be available for you here: a dietician or personal trainer.


Svatá Kateřina 327, 394 64 Počátky

GPS: 49.27049266227275, 15.27623198449703


+420 565 456 666