Soukromá klinika LOGO s.r.o. Praha

Motto: “We offer help to all of you who have opted for us”

Private clinic LOGO s.r.o. was established in 1990 as a specialized health care facility to diagnose and treat speech, voice and hearing disorders. It has gradually developed so as to provide complex care in the specialized fields of phoniatrics, ORL, speech therapy, psychology, psychiatry, neurology, internal medicine, physiotherapy, children’s day hospital and a bed department.

Nowadays, private clinic LOGO s.r.o. has its seat on Vsetínská street in Brno, Czech Republic, and in Prague, Czech Republic’s capital city. Its founder, PaedDr. Ilona Kejklíčková, Ph.D., pays great attention to treatment and therapy of stuttering. She created a complex approach method to stuttering therapy and this method has been applied at our clinic with very good results. It is suitable for children, youth as well as adult stutterers.

A team of specialists who work as a whole so as to help relieve stuttering symptoms using our founder’s method has been established as early as the beginning of this clinic’s creation.

At the beginning of treatment, a treatment plan is compiled after consultation with the client. The clinic organizes one-week diagnostic stays upon which this individual treatment plan is implemented and during the first days of which specialized examinations start – phoniatrics, neurology, psychological interviews, speech therapy.

Our clinic makes use of a complex approach while healing, reeducational and rehabilitation elements are applied to the client at one place and at the same time.

Our aim is to help our clients eliminate and relieve their difficulties and show them a path to follow.

Having passed the diagnostic stay, clients are contacted in their home environment for two to three months; if needed, they attend individual therapeutic sessions with a speech therapist. This is followed by a one-week therapeutic stay where clients practise what they have difficulties with.


Karlovo náměstí 15
120 00 Prague
Czech Republic

+420 224 910 408