Sokrates Golf & Country Club Kořenec

Socrates Golf & Country Club in Kořenec: enjoy the game in the middle of nature

A golf and country club in the South Moravian town of Kořenec bears the name of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. You will breathe in the spirit of ancient times on the golf course, which was shaped by nature with minimal human intervention. Boulders, shrubbery and trees create a unique environment that is tailor-made for golf. Natural stone blocks form a gateway reminiscent of Stonehenge. You’ll have to play with concentration here to avoid hitting the ball into one of the ponds. The Socrates Golf & Country Club also caters to children with a year-round programme designed to help them improve their golf skills. A stylish restaurant offers a pleasant dining experience.


Kořenec 174, 680 01 Boskovice

GPS: 49.52933086150005, 16.764707784057578


+420 516 467 504