Nemocnice Nymburk, s.r.o.

About us

Our hospital has been serving you since 1881 and is trying to offer professional ambulatory and bed care to all who need it. We believe that you will find all the necessary information you are looking for and that if you are our client, you will leave us health and knowing that we are standing by you.

Our goal is to be a stable, efficient, quality and patient-oriented healthcare facility.

Provide health care – ambulatory and bedside at a modern world level.
Ensure the availability of such health care to the patient population.
Provide patients with highly professional care, respect their individuality and respond sensitively to their needs.
Achieve maximum efficiency in the use of financial resources to provide quality health care.

The epochal moment in terms of hospital level was the purchase of a computer tomography (CT) in 2000 with the help of the Nymburk subsidy amounting to CZK 17 million. In diagnostics, we began to write a new year for the benefit of our patients. The possibility of detailing and clearly displaying diseased or injured human organs has been opened and moved to a whole new level in the detection of cancer, strokes (especially cerebral and spinal) or cerebrovascular events.


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