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About us

Prague SPA Pramen will take you into the world of real spa. Well (in Czech «Pramen») is a natural seepage of underground water to the surface of the earth. Treat yourself to a hot bath full of herbal extracts, oak or larch, brewer´s yeasts and hops, which is due to the large amount of essential oilsability to eliminate fatigue, revitalize the skin and relax the whole body.

Beer SPA

Gold and Emerald Well — a source of relaxation — Beer bath. Combination of selected ingredients: hops, malt, purest water, and original Czech beer «Kynšperský Zajíc». Hops are considered the emerald of the Czech Republic. Malt and beer are perceived as the real Czech gold.

Wine SPA

Ruby Well — a source of true delight — Wine bath. Water, red or white wine in combination with herbs and grapes. The bath takes place in a larch bathtub with jacuzzi. This spa is a real ruby in the offer of our well. Like the beer bath, as well as the wine they begin gaining popularity due to its many beneficial effects on the entire body. In wine there is truth, it is a saying known since time immemorial. And that is wine in limited quantities healthy and even healing, known for our grandmothers. Wine may not operate only inside but also outside - the seeds of grapes, wine yeast, honey and plant extracts to provide strengthening and revitalizing effect, promote blood circulation and brighten your skin.
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Published: 03. 12. 2017

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Author: Nikola