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About us

The Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine provides rehabilitation especially to patients after brain injury and other neurological diseases, injuries and operations of the locomotor apparatus, vertebrogenic problems, etc. The aim of rehabilitation is to integrate the client into society and improve the quality of his life. Multidisciplinary team of specialists: rehabilitation physicians with various basic expertise (neurology, interns, surgery), physiotherapists, ergotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, special educators, social workers perform diagnostics and propose a short-term and long-term rehabilitation plan. For patients suffering from brain damage with cognitive, facial, motoric, etc. problems, a day-care facility is set up in Albert's clinic. The clinic provides physiotherapy at the VFN clinic beds. The physiotherapy of individual patients is monitored methodically by clinicians. The clinic has the possibility to perform besides the usual rehabilitation examinations polyelectromyographic examination, stabilometry, bicycle and rumpal ergometry.
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Published: 20. 11. 2017

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Author: Nikola