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About us

Wellness & Golf hotel Chateau St. Havel is after a complete reconstruction of the Neo-Gothic castle, located in Prague 4 - Krč amidst a stylish English castle park with several idyllic ponds. The hotel offers superior accommodation in the chateau in a quiet environment, with excellent accessibility to both the historical center of Prague and the shopping centers. There are two private saunas with a cooling pool and a rest room and two private whirlpools with a shower and a pleasant seating area. Other services include exotic massage, lava stones massage, banana leaf wraps, etc.


Chateau St. Havel has its own restaurant in the left wing of the chateau, where it is possible to enjoy mainly the original recipes of classic Czech cuisine, under the direction of Mr. Ondřej Slanina (famous protagonist "Boys in Action").
Před Nádražím 1/6 14000 Praha +420 241 445 717 [put_wpgm id=76]

Published: 28. 11. 2017

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Author: Nikola