Barna Medical s.r.o. – Krejcárek OB Clinic

We offer individual and premium professional care for each of our clients.

The base of our successful treatment is a team of experienced specialists from the fields of orthopaedics, neurology and neurosurgery. Next we provide a fast and accurate diagnosis by an ultrasound, X-ray and MRI. We usually know the outcomes the next day and aim the subsequent targeted therapy. The therapy is based on physiotherapy and the latest procedures: Shockwave, lymphatic drainage, oscillation, SIRIO, physical therapy etc. for the regeneration of bone, joint and muscle injuries, tendonitis, muscle inflammation, back pain including a prolapsed disc and rehabilitation after injuries and operations. Clients who want to come back to their activities as soon as possible search our help – for example professional athletes or famous persons of domestic culture life like Sagvan Tofi or members of the music band Kabát.
Building of OB Klinika - 2. floor Pod Krejcárkem 975 Praha 3- Žižkov 130 00 +420 731 682 650 +420 731 682 651

Published: 13. 11. 2017

Category: Private clinics | Rehab clinics | Prague

Author: Nikola