ALMEDA, a.s.

About us

The hospital was opened in 1994 and since January 1995 provides care in the following branches: ARO, internal, gynecological, obstetric, neonatal, one-day surgery. For clients with endangered vital functions, a Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit (MOJIP) was created and for patients requiring long-term resuscitation care, followed by Intensive Care (NIP) and Long-term Intensive Nursing Care (DIOP).

In the hospital we also offer outpatient health care of these specialties: surgery, proctology, vascular, urology, internal, diabetology, cardiology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, dermatology and gynecology. We also offer the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Hematology, which is accredited by the National Authorization Center for Clinical Laboratories in the second stage. Complementary services are provided at the X-ray and Sono Examinations Department (Ultrasound). We also offer additional services (painless removal of varicose veins, biostimulation laser and VIP gynecological clinic Premium).

Our main task is to provide high-quality health care to relieve or eliminate our health problems for our clients, helping them to achieve complete health or return to full-blown life. Our primary credo is to provide quality care with the utmost regard to the client’s interest. Our employees seek to heal, nurture and heal according to the latest findings of current healthcare and nursing care.

Based on contracts with health insurers, we offer a wide range of high quality health care to the widest public in the whole range of modern medicine.


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